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Hi, I’m Steele Campbell, Ghostwriter and Writing Coach.

I teach tailored writing strategies that really get results. I give you the editing support AND the mindset support to overcome writer's block, clarify your artistic vision, and free your best writing.

Also, I ghostwrite your story into your customized book. Through strategic questions designed to highlight your most entertaining stories and realizations, I replicate your tone and patterns of speech to construct your tale in your authentic style. It truly is your book--in your voice. Only you don't have to write it.

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You're a Writer. Innovative.

A Thought Leader with Wisdom and

Experience to share.

and the world can benefit greatly from what you have to say. It's not enough to have amazing ideas, stories, and insightful lessons . . . you need readers.

Your book needs to be in front of your readers' eyes. Or in their hands and backpacks, where they carry your words with them. And then carry them even farther as they incorporate what you have shared. You need the kind of readers who recognize your unique perspective, your triumphant story, and your hard-won wisdom.

For that, you need a book. You need your book structured so the information is captivating and applicable. You need your voice to ring true through the pages. And you need your book finished . . .

I can help.

Many existing programs being taught today just plainly don't work. Or their focus is only one of the myriad aspects of finishing a book, leaving the rest behind.

And these techniques are fine for developing a practice of writing, which is essential. But they don't help you target your ideal reader with tone, design, topic, and accessibility. All of which are essential to getting your words read.

My program,
Your Voice-Your Book,
is different.

In specialized trainings, I teach practices and patterns that really work. I provide individualized coaching to give you the technical support AND the mindset support to take action and make extraordinary transformations in your writing skill and productivity.

I can show you exactly how to go from concept to finished book while saving time and increasing focus. Working with me, you'll learn how to unleash your best writing while capturing your most creative ideas. Plus, I can teach you how to avoid many of the common mistakes authors make.


A critical thinker and voracious reader, Steele Campbell embodies the radicalness I write about in my work on teaching. Understanding fully education as a practice of freedom in both his roles as student and educator, he endeavors to unite theory and practice, to honor both book learning and experiential knowing.

Campbell has worked hard to engage a theoretical and lived politics of intersectionality. He examines life and literature from a standpoint that takes into consideration race, class, gender and sexuality. An advocate of feminist politics he aims to do his part in challenging and changing structures of domination.

His keen observation of families and communities provide him with the insights he uses to strengthen a writer's imagination. Disciplined and committed to the art and craft of writing, Campbell is gifted.

-bell hooks

Working with Steele was truly fantastic. He understood what I wanted and produced great work for me. His writing helped me move forward in my career as a doctor. Calling him was one of the smartest business decisions I've made.

-Dr. Lee J Poston, DPM

Your story, when told true and well, can change the world.

Steele Campbell

Writing Coach

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